Connect at port 8789

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Getting Connected

You'll need a MU* client. Wikipedia has a page on them, or you can look on your search engine of choice. You may do better to search "MUD client".
Once you've got your client, point it towards port 8789. If there's not a separate field for the port, enter Once you get there, you can type connect Guest guest to log in as one of the guest characters.

A few basic things

Look - This command will show you the description of a room. If you add an object or player name after it, it will give you its or their description. You can check your own description by typing Look me.
Say - Also abbreviated as a single qoutation mark ("). Typing Say Hello, everypony! or "Hello, everypony! will have the same result - your character will speak whatever you've typed.
Pose - Also abbreviated as a colon (:). Typing Pose dances wildly or :dances wildly will have the same result - your character will perform the action indicated by whatever you've typed.
Movement - At the bottom of the description of an area will be a list of "Obvious Exits." Simply type the name of one of these to travel in that direction. Explore Ponyville and see who you can meet!There are several more in-depth guides available on the internet, but I've found that the in-game help files and experience are the best way to learn. has a good, albeit incomplete, guide. It covers most of the basics, but tapers off towards the more advanced topics.

Your Very Own Character!

If you decide you'd like your own character, e-mail with your desired character name (up to 18 characters, no spaces), a brief description of your character, and your date of birth. I'll create your character ASAP and send you a reply e-mail with a password and instructions on changing it once you've logged in..

Unfortunately, characters have to be added manually. Hopefully, this will eliminate or reduce players vying for recognition as the "real" Twilight Sparkle. Your understanding is appreciated.
If you want to play a canon character, mention it in your e-mail and explain why you think you'd be a good match for the character. If they are available, I'll let you know. If not, I'll try to find an acceptable solution for everyone.