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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thoughts & plans

I'm aware that the current system is not without its issues. It is, after all, a beta. I am, however, not willing to accept this as an excuse for an inferior product.
So, I'm looking to gather opinions on what to do with the current beta server while the development server is shifted to the foreground of the development process.
My two thoughts are as follows: 1) Leave it as is. 2) Strike it down significantly & reduce it to something more like a "talker" - A login room leading to an IC room, an OOC room, and maybe one of each for age-restricted chat.
Poll on the sidebar, specific thoughts below.



  1. I think the only major change I'd make from the current state would be to add an OOC room and make it the initial login point.

  2. I have no idea. XD As of current, I'm leaning towards the option of leaving it as it is. But I'm not really sure what it has to gain by getting simplified... I dunno.

  3. Simplifying it will just make it a really complicated irc channel.

    Keep as is, it will slowly grow. Although an official ooc room or meetup would be nice.....although it seems like those places are created spontaneously anyways.