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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've got a team together. So far, we're doing a lot of crunching on the development server, trying to get it ready to replace the beta (current live) server. I'm also looking into hosting offsite, as my ISP seems to be ... not the best.

Now, on to specifics, after the break...

For new accounts, contact ScribusCaballus, either in-game or by e-mailing

For help with building and establishing your own home, contact Flare_Blitz in-game, either by Paging (PAGE Flare_Blitz = <message>) or an in-game mail (@mail Flare_Blitz = <subject>/<message>)

For help with flags (ADULT, FLIGHT, etc...), contact Fimbulwinter, either in-game or by e-mailing

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